A Conservative PA State Political Action Committee

GOP – Grassroots Organization Planning Conference

Date and Time: Saturday, April 28th, 2018, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location: Lake Raystown Resort, Lodge Conference Center, 3101 Chipmunk Crossing, Entriken, PA, 16638
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Vision & Mission

What We Seek

The GT Commonwealth PAC seeks a Pennsylvania Legislature dominated by a super-majority of pro-energy, pro-life Republicans.

We want to be part of bringing that vision about by gathering funds and strategically deploying money and campaign resources in key state legislative campaigns. At the same time, we are actively identifying, recruiting, and equipping the next generation of state legislators.

Our Objectives

Some of the unique selling points for the GT PAC include:

  • Broad network of community leaders and elected officials
  • Channel for supporting quality candidates across the board
  • One of few pro-energy PACs working on the local level
  • More resources than money to campaigns we support
  • Concerted efforts to recruit young guns









The Greater Tomorrow (GT) Commonwealth PAC is born out of Congressman ‘GT’ Thompson’s desire to support state leadership and move Pennsylvania forward on efficient and effective government guided by conservative principles. We want to maintain and grow unity within elected officials of the 5th District and the Republican majority overall.

Thank you for your interest, and if you’re committed to our vision, would you please consider donating to the PAC? The information can be filled out here online, or sent to PO Box 73, Spring Creek, PA 16436.

~ Ben Kafferlin, Executive Director & Warren County Commissioner


Join the Cause

Jared Ingersoll


Thomas Fitzsimons


George Clymer


Gouverneur Morris


Benjamin Rush


Benjamin Franklin

Congressman Glenn 'GT' Thompson

Congressman Glenn 'GT' Thompson

Founder & Honorary Chairman

Please consider giving a donation to the GT Commonwealth PAC. We have a vision to fund winning conservative candidates for a brighter future here in Pennsylvania. Our mission to gather funds and deploy those resources strategically across the Commonwealth in contested races. We aim to support incumbent Republican State Legislators, identify vulnerable Democrats and work to unseat them, and help cultivate and equip the next generation of upcoming statesmen with the resources they need to get a foothold and win.

Contact Us

Contact Us to Learn More

Thank you for supporting our efforts to bolster the Republican majority in Pennsylvania. Don’t hesitate to call us for more information.

~ Ben Kafferlin, Executive Director



P.O. Box 73, Spring Creek, PA 16436